Premier Web 3.0 Multiverse DAO
EYEQ DAO is focused on developing today the decentralized economies of tomorrow. The Web 3.0 decentralized markets are developing on the blockchain at an astounding rate with continuous ramp-up in adoption due to the attractive future of decentralized micro-economies, free from unitarian money supply authority. Blockchain based technologies are helping to create new micro-economies, markets, and value chains with use of fungible and (NFTs) non-fungible tokens. NFTs literally have limitless use cases and can be highly effective instruments for digital content storage, distribution, delivery and new creation of new value chains, in such industries as; gaming, e-commerce, sports, entertainment, advertising, media, real estate, and many others. Web 3.0 technologies are leading the way to more efficient markets, lower costs of user acquisition, new experiences, and improved content monetization for individuals, creators, and businesses alike. As previously mentioned NFTs make excellent immutable stores of value but they can also be used for storing universal data sets, such as identity, records of provenance. Further, NFTs also can are a effective technology for creating highly cost-effective forms of direct marketing, advertising, and have the potential to support unlimited number of business models. Web 3.0 technology is helping to create new value-added services and products with unique digital signatures, immutable universal data sets and much more.
EYEQ DAO strives to be a contributor to the decentralized web and its related technologies by going beyond the status quo. We aim to consistently grow our expert collective, focusing on development, adoption, and technologies that can further enhance sustainable decentralized economies across the Web 3.0 multiverse.
EYEQ DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization which has unique decentralized universal parameters, which incorporate; multi-blockchain networks, multi-market sourced revenues, multi-token economy, digital asset creation, value creation, investor services, and unique strategies to incentivize participation.
EYEQ DAO provides its community and token holders revenue sharing from all managed and governed markets. The EYEQ DAO business model can be characterize as a participatory decentralized services economy with unique incentivization features for its participants, investors, and contributors.
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