EYECONIC Contributors

Your contribution is important!
EYEQ DAO members can be nominated as EYECONIC contributors to the ecosystem, which are rewarded with special privileges in the way of "EYECONIC" membership status, where the "IC" suffix added to EYECON stands for "Illustrious Contributor".
An EYECONIC is nominated by members or by community for inference of EYECONIC status unto selected members for their substantial contribution to the EYEQ DAO ecosystem growth and development. Every 180 days, selected members are nominated by their peers via proposal submission. Nomination proposals remain "open" to receiving votes from the Community Committee for a period of 7 (seven) days. In order to be nominated for EYECONIC member status, there must be at least 40 or more supporting community votes by peers or at least 4 supporting votes from delegate Community Committee members for a nomination of a member for EYECONIC status to be entered for committee vote. Community committee delegate votes can confer EYECON status, the proposal is then considered as passed, provided the quorum and minimum threshold requirements are met. The assignment of the EYECONIC status to members must be confirmed by a Governance Committee vote.
Upon confirmation of EYECONIC status, the selected member is presented with an EYECONIC NFT, which represents a lifetime membership of privileges, awarded to them for their valuable contributions to the ecosystem, community, education, and helping others.
EYECONIC NFT holders are also provided a 12-month EYEQ token allocation, which is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Governance Committee, and affixed on-chain to reflect the designated vesting rewards for that EYECONIC member.
EYEQ token vesting allocations are determined on a case-by-case basis for each EYECONIC member. Additionally, all EYECONIC NFT holders shall receive free lifetime access to all ecosystem subscriptions, pay-as-you-go services, and special whitelist privileges. In some cases, EYECONIC members may also be eligible to receive royalties for services and technologies they were instrumental in helping to develop, support, create, or played a vital role in.
EYECONIC status can only be revoked in case of substantial violations of the behavioral codex set forth in the EYEQ DAO community and operational policies, for example; racism, regular use of foul language, deception of other members for personal gain and other behavior which could be considered malicious and/or damaging to the value and principles of the EYEQ DAO ecosystem and its community.