Become a Web 3.0 Investor

EYEQ DAO makes capital allocation to Web 3.0 projects safe and rewarding for investors

Benefits for investors

EYEQ DAO provides investors the opportunity to directly participate in on-chain rolling funding for select Web 3.0 projects. Investors have direct influence over their capital allocations to a project, while still being afforded all the benefits of early-stage investing in exciting Web 3.0 opportunities. Additionally, investors are entitled to receive vesting rewards allocations in EYEQ tokens of up to 5% of the total invested capital value. Such rewards will accrue to the investor as per the rewards vesting schedule, specified in the addendum to the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFT).

EYEQ tokens make investing in Web 3.0 rewarding for Investors

EYEQ tokens are far more than mere cryptographic currencies. Instead, they represent participation in a broad ecosystem of Web 3.0 services, technologies, decentralized markets, and more. The EYEQ token is both a governance and incentivization token acting as a special purpose instrument and rewards vehicle that provides investors incentives while offering them direct influence over capital allocation to a project within the EYEQ DAO ecosystem and/or qualified affiliated projects.