Rolling Funding

Simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT) to Invest

How Web 3.0 Rolling Funding Works

Investor(s) are able to allocate capital in the accepted cryptocurrency directly to an on-chain smart contract treasury which is controlled and operated by them and/or their delegated assigns. The treasury will be referred to from hereon as a "sub-DAO", which is established as an EYEQ DAO ecosystem sub-treasury affording direct control to its investors over the rolling funding allocations to the chosen project. Community Pooled Investment Treasuries: members of the community may also pool investment capital within a "sub-DAO" which is established as an EYEQ DAO ecosystem sub-treasury. To protect the interests of the pooled investment treasury members, EYEQ DAO Governance Committee will delegate committee members to control all treasury operations, ensuring that participating members are not deceived by bad actors or taken advantage of by any group or individual that can gain access to the pooled capital with mal intent.
Capital allocation is always at the discretion of the investor(s) and will follow the terms, conditions and schedule(s) set forth in the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) and its addenda, executed by and between the investor(s)/nominated representative(s) and the "Project's" nominated representative(s). Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) shall clearly stipulate the amount of capital the investor is committing to the "Project" within the defined terms, conditions and capital allocation schedule(s) set forth in the (SAFT) and its addenda. Once Investor(s) have funded their sub-DAO on-chain treasury with the required amount stipulated in the funding schedule as per the (SAFT) and its addenda. Investor(s) then should then proceed to notify EYEQ DAO governance committee assigned representative(s) of the availability of funds. EYEQ DAO committee representative shall then provide the relevant "Project" treasury blockchain contract address established for the receipt, storage and allocation of funds to the relevant "Project" as stipulated in the (SAFT) and its addenda. Upon receipt of funds in the "Project" treasury, "Project" tokens begin to vest as per the predetermined schedules set forth in the (SAFT) and its addenda, to the investor sub-DAO treasury. The investor(s) are also entitled to receive additional forms of security in the way of other crypto assets, voting rights or others as identified and defined within the (SAFT) and its addenda. Investors have full rights within their sub-DAO treasury, explicitly established for the purpose of rolling funding a select "Project". Clear definition of the sub-DAO model would be established within the (SAFT) and its addenda, wherein voting powers, threshold, and quorum would be determined.
All "sub-DAO" treasuries are a blockchain technology referred to as "smart contracts", created and provided by trusted independent third-party service providers which are proven secure by leading blockchain auditor firm(s).