Roadmap 2023 Q1


EYEQ deployment established an on-chain system of governance for the ecosystem where community, contributors, investors, key opinion leaders, partners, and advisors align and legislate. EYEQ DAO is deployed on xDAO framework. The EYEQ TGE is planned for Q1 2023, which will be transferable and tradeable. EYEQ token will grant access to holders for participation in DAO governance functions and will serve as an instrument for incentivizing growth, fee sharing, and development of WEB 3.0 services ecosystem current and future projects.
The Launch phase officially kicks off when its expected initial DEX offering is completed in Q1 2023.


EYEQ DAO shall strive to evolve into a completely decentralized autonomous organization that is able to self-fund, self-govern and self-organize. Developing a multiverse WEB 3.0 network of services related to NFTs, Metaverse, MetaFi, Gaming, and other sectors relevant to sustainable growth of the ecosystem as a whole and of all projects comprising the ecosystem. As we grow we have outlined clearly our goals and values which we intend to further perfect and implement through the collective participation of our members.
In this phase, the primary objectives are to release and expand services across multiple blockchain networks, in order to achieve economic sustainability and governance and operations. While also attracting leaders, influencers, partners, and advisors, that add to the diversity of expertise and influence within the WEB 3.0 ecosystem to help achieve consistently positive outcomes.